3 Easter Hacks

3 Last Minute Easter Hacks

Hack #1: Forgot to buy egg dye? No Problem!
You just might have some of these items lying around your house. If not they are super easy to find.

Hack #2: Easy Easter Centerpiece

We know that peeps may be controversial(Eat or not to eat) but this hack allows you to save the peeps if you want to enjoy them later. Just line the vase with peeps and add a second vase for flowers of your choice. We recommend lining one side of the vase with peeps then inserting the second vase. Depending on your vases sizes you may need to squish your peeps a bit to make them fit all the way around. 

Hack #3: Easter Punch

Melons make the perfect color pallet for Easter. For this punch all you need is Frozen melon balls, fresh mint, and lemonade(my favorite is Trader Joe's) and there you have it! The perfect refreshing Easter drink.

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