March letter from the heart

A Letter From the Heart

Many Thanks!

This year has started as a roller coaster for my family and me. I had knee surgery (which was expected), followed by youngest, Margo, suffering sudden liver failure the same week. After 6 days in the hospital at Children’s hospital Los Angeles, Margo was successfully brought back from the dead. She’s back home with us and on the mend. She is recovering without an immediate need for a transplant. While she’s not completely off the transplant list, it is looking like she won’t need a transplant. 

We would like to thank everyone who applied to be a live donor and did direct blood donations. The prayers and support were helped us to help her during this time. Her numbers are improving week by week. We’re hoping they are back to normal come April. 

We will be making a donation later this year for every person who applied and donated blood. 

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