March 2022 DaSilva Market Report

March Market Update

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Manhattan Beach has not only seen the average sales price up this month by 22%, but homes are selling 10% faster even as inventory is up 28% since last month. We believe that there weren’t enough homes on the market in Manhattan Beach over the winter months. We’ll see sales increase in the coming months with the new inventory.

With inventory dropping 75% from last month, the increased sale time is more likely from a few overpriced listings than from a market change. Since the average sales price climbed a whopping 10% just in the last month, we believe the market is doing more heating than cooling. Running down the coast.

People must not want to leave West Hawthorne because we have half as much inventory this month compared to last month(4 homes). But with the average sales price holding steady at $1MM, homes took more than double the time to sell. 28 days was the average days on market which still isn’t a long time. You might actually get to know your neighbors with stats like these. I know I’m the newbie of my street being in Del Aire 2 years in October.

West LA means business this month selling homes 25% faster by dropping the sales price an average 10% from last month. Homes might also be selling faster because the pickings are slim with inventory slashed more than half!

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